The Wolf's Refusal [COMPLETED]

The Wolf's Refusal [COMPLETED]

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Sneak peak: 

"Fuck you."

He grinned, "You already have."

That was when I slapped him. Across the face. Hard. Leaving an angry hand print on the right hand side of his face.

I laughed humourlessly. "And here I thought you was coming to apologise and give me my job back." I shook my head at him, angry tears welling in my eyes.

I didn't wait for his reaction as I opened my door and slammed it right in front of his face. Sitting down behind the front door, I curled my knees up to my face. I held back a sob when everything from today hit me full force.

It was official: I hated Garrett Rivera with all of my heart.

Trouble seems to follow 19 year old Lori Winters wherever she goes. 

After meeting a familiar female face and then having a drunken one night stand on her first day in a strange new town, Lori has made quite the first impression; especially on the handsome Garrett Rivera. 

Lori aims to forget about her drunken mistake but something has happened that makes sure she can't.

But will Garrett believe Lori? And if he does, will it be too late?

After all, Garrett is hiding some dark secrets of his own that Lori can never know...

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