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Press Play - Ereri

Press Play - Ereri

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Ice is Love By knownopain Updated Aug 04, 2016

Cover: Art by WhiteYoukai on DeviantArt, I can only take credit for the text and slight editing.

Eren Jaeger is your stereotypical 18 year old. Living in his dad's basement, doing nothing and playing video games for the majority of the day. You know how people are always complaining about how video games ruin people's lives? Well, for some, they can be the start of a whole new one.

On one fateful afternoon, a stranger with the username "HumanitysStrongest" and a French accent shows up, and Eren is pretty creeped out by him at first.

Eren and the stranger who happens to be called Levi begin to form a strong bond. Video chats all night, xBox Live parties and regular guy stuff. One day, though, they become more than good friends. Eren's father finds out about their relationship, and kicks Eren out. Levi offers to pay for a plane ticket to France for Eren, and he accepts it. But, will everything go as planned?

First 15 chapters by Mangaroo

MandaChrona MandaChrona Dec 06, 2016
Yay for Jaegerbombastic and HumanitiesStrongest meet at last :D
that_one_kpopfan that_one_kpopfan Dec 09, 2016
We don't need a car or a train bus or plane 
                              All we need is you and me
SomeUseLessUsername SomeUseLessUsername Aug 30, 2016
Levi!! Can you get me a baguette and a crescent (I think I spelt that wrong) ?
FettyWapIsBae1738 FettyWapIsBae1738 Sep 09, 2016
They call him Lance corporal 
                              Cuz he got a long weapon for thrusting
xXThatAnimeNerdXx xXThatAnimeNerdXx Dec 28, 2016
He-man2.0..... Armin sweet cinnamon i love u so much right now XD
ummm that isn't from GTA 5 it's from GTA  liberty city (or was it balet of gay tony)