Finding My Way (Itachi's Daughter Fanfic) [SLOW UPDATES/EDITING]

Finding My Way (Itachi's Daughter Fanfic) [SLOW UPDATES/EDITING]

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Yoru Masouka By n1ght_dr34m3r Updated Jan 09, 2016

No one knew she existed... that was until she was captured on a mission by Konoha nin. Read on to find out how the daughter of Uchiha Itachi moves forward in her father's beloved village to find her own way. 

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. Everything belongs to Masashi Kishimoto and TV Tokyo, minus the changes to the plot and my OCs.

A/N This is the re-written version of my previous Itachi's Daughter Fanfic. The old version is still up, but due to conflicts I have decided to rewrite it, so here it is.

eyymacarena eyymacarena Aug 01
Itachi married haru, what about harus swimming career and chefs business
elysia718 elysia718 Apr 12
That explains so much. Everyone I read a fan fiction and Itachi gets a nickname, it's always Weasel, and I never unerstoos why....... Now I do
I KNEW IT!! Aka means red and Tsuki means moon so I knew that if you spelled Akatsuki different in kanji you could get red moon!
panda1hatter panda1hatter Dec 03, 2016
I just imagined him as a receptionist 
                              QUICK! Someone make a fanfic about it!
ohmygod-iftheresagod ohmygod-iftheresagod Nov 20, 2016
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