Clarity (Troyler AU)

Clarity (Troyler AU)

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Juju By -little-pickle Updated Jan 31

Milton Academy, once a strict private boarding school for boys is now broke. To prevent the school from closure, the Academy decided to allow students from public schools to attend, without having to apply first in order to be accepted, as long as they can afford the college tuition.
Posh private students and their scandalized parents are not pleased about this change.

Troye Sivan is one of the most popular boys at the academy. Admired by many, he and his wealthy friends living life with their own rules. 
When trouble boy Troye arrives weeks late for his senior year, he is faced with a lot of changes at the school he used to rule. One of them is dangerously attractive Tyler Oakley. 
But Troye has build his reputation of being a bad boy and womanizer on his buried secret: being gay. 

 Tyler Oakley is not keen about the boarding school he was forced to attend, especially after he discovered that his new school is full of closed minded people and vain boys who were once private students. 
Just when he thought things couldn't get more complicated, he meets Troye Sivan, which happened to be the most gorgeous boy Tyler has ever seen but he is also the biggest Asshole he ever met. 

Tyler swears to himself to stand as far away from Troye as possible, not at all willing to loose his mind over an idiotic straight guy.
Troye is determined to test Tyler's resistance, not used to someone rejecting his charm. He is willing to proof that Tyler is drawn to him because after all it's just a play of dominance, isn't it?  

I suck at descriptions ( please read my story anyways ) 
I will include smut in this at one point, so be warned. No self-harm, suicide, rape or death triggers.

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GarbageOakley GarbageOakley Nov 21, 2015
Rereading bc you updated and I'm trying to save this story...
SupBee SupBee Jul 22, 2015
Now if we're talking body. You got a perfect one, so put it on me.
teaminternet123 teaminternet123 Jul 12, 2015
There weren't many mistakes - feel proud.
                              *I didn't leave the blond ( or blonde - depends how you write it ) boy my number.
imadirectioner13 imadirectioner13 Apr 12, 2015
yaaaassss I am so excited to read this :D (it's troyesbirthmark btw :D)