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The Demigod With The Lightning Scar

The Demigod With The Lightning Scar

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Thea By pr3tty_vacant_ Updated Mar 28

Alexandria Lily Potter is Harry Potter's sister, except they are only half siblings. Alexandria is a demigod, Daughter of Ares, The God of War. She is the most powerful child of Ares in a long time. Another thing, she's a witch too, she along with her brother survived the killing curse. But to the wizarding world Alexandria is just a myth, something in the wind, most wizards and witches don't believe she exists but they know Harry does. What happens when they both get a letter to Hogwarts....and they go. Will Alexandria be able to keep her godly secret well secret from everyone, including her own brother. Many adventures await Alexandria, being a demigod and a witch has many problems and troubles that she will have to face on the way. Alexandria and her life are not what they seem, she is anything but normal.

*I do not own PJO or HP, all rights go to the authors, Rick Riordan and J.K. Rowling. I only own my character*

crystal500- crystal500- May 30
maybe the curse voldemort did itsn't exactly a killing curse but hair-growth spell.
I was getting ready to stop reading because my brain got tired.... don't know how that works when I read every day at every secon🤔, it just does 🤗
accalia124 accalia124 May 14
Why did she come back? She could have just taken Harry,packed and stay at camp as a year rounder
Try being the daughter of Hades monsters come after me the most
You named quite a few of her siblings. Gods I would be too lazy to do that...