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The Forgotten..

The Forgotten..

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Roaringwolf By Roaringwolf Updated May 09

Percy was only use to living a life full of thievery, betrayal, and solitude. He never once relied on anyone. But all of that is about to change. When the king of gods orders his capture by the hunters, his life will go spiraling out of control. Will he get consumed by the acient hatred that lays deep in his heart or will he stay bounded and loyal to his mistress? will he be forgotten?
Follow percy as he goes on a new adventure, as he fights new and old enemys, and as he makes new friends.

I don't own Percy Jackson or anything related the percy jackson series, everything belongs to uncle Riordan.

Don't do drugs kids
                              Don't do acholol either that sounds like some bad drug 
                              Don't do alcohol kids
                              Stay in school
                              A message from a concerned fanfiction reader who needs to get her life together
Comicnerdzrule Comicnerdzrule Jul 16, 2016
Am I the only one that when I saw 'street rat' thought of the song from Aladdin? Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat, other wise we'd get along.
TheConsultingDemigod TheConsultingDemigod Oct 01, 2016
Don't you just hate it when you go to a  chapter of a book and you can't see what's been typed? It's extremely annoying now I must read this book from chapter 2! How frustrating
KimyonaExousia KimyonaExousia Nov 24, 2016
Nah. Mugging is targeting one person randomly on the street. Robbing should be planned since it could have higher risk of getting caught, and usually takes place in a building or something. 
                              At least, that's how I think of it.
Glitchy_gamer Glitchy_gamer Nov 06, 2015
                              You got a nice story here, I'd enjoy it even more if there are less misspellings XD Im a grammar nazi, sorry.
xShadowMiner11x xShadowMiner11x Sep 18, 2015
No. Robbing is just thievery, without violence. Like running up to someone and taking their bag. Mugging is threatening them with a knife or something for money or something.