Back in Time

Back in Time

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MadH4tter By MadH4tter Updated Aug 25, 2015

Zeref and his demons attack Fiore,
All of the guilds try their hardest but most die out and only one is left,
Fairy Tail.

Sadly, they too are pretty much useless against the huge group of demons.
Everyone is Dead or at least severely injured, except Natsu.
Even Gramps dies, but not before telling Natsu about a time spell.
The spell will take them back in time to when Natsu is 13.

Natsu is sent back in time and is in his 13 year old body
but still remembers everything and is much stronger.

He rejoins the guild and is surprised to find that...
The timeline has been altered?!?

But how?? Read and find out.


  • erza
  • fairy
  • fairytail
  • gray
  • lucy
  • magic
  • nalu
  • natsu
  • tail
  • time
  • travel
KuthzLisno KuthzLisno Sep 13, 2017
Just want to ask ,what is the title of the story in FanFiction.Net??? It's the same title?
denby_alyssa denby_alyssa Nov 30, 2016
I guessed it would be Happy, Natsu would have acted in a different manner towards Lucy...
EtherealTulip EtherealTulip Jul 13, 2016
I read that fanfic at! I was also sad that it hadn't been updated in a while... So I can't wait to read this!
FairyAngxl FairyAngxl May 04, 2015
Wow.... that was so intense like, it was really good. (≧∇≦)