Living With The Creepypastas (Creepypasta x Reader)

Living With The Creepypastas (Creepypasta x Reader)

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Nemesis Ravenscroft By RP_Addict Updated Dec 30, 2016

You're found by a bunch of creepypastas in Slenderman's forest. They took you to the Slender Mansion where you're gonna live from now on, luckily you're spared. Will you survive? Will you become a prey? Will you become a creepypasta or still a prey living around with predators? You will encounter:
Jeff the Killer
Laughing Jack
Eyeless Jack
Rosa Nightwalker (OC by Moine5142)
BEN Drowned
Jane the Killer
Nina the Killer
Ticci Toby
Lost Silver
Smile Dog
Judge Angels
Bloody Painter
The Puppeteer

Well, other "Living With The Creepypastas" stories, I seem to notice that most of the creepypastas were rude to the reader. In this story, they care for you the same way you care for them.

Contains no lemon. If you want those, better check my lemon book, Creepypasta x Reader (Lemons).

Warning. This story contains uncensored cursing words.

Credits to Moine5142 for making the awesome cover for me :D

AshVulcano AshVulcano 5 days ago
I'll be waiting for Offenderman to get his ass ripped
                              He ain't touching ms
writerwolf269 writerwolf269 18 hours ago
wait this reminds me of a time so i woke up went in the living room to see me sister relived i asked her whats with that look she said " because i past by your room at 1 am and herd you say ok guys its time to bedasil everything true story
I'm an Otaku....I've been watching anime for months now and I still don't know how to freakin speak Japanese!!!!
oceanbunnie7 oceanbunnie7 3 days ago
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Miss_Jeager_Girl Miss_Jeager_Girl 5 days ago
I have an overprotective big sister a little annoying brother an a little rude sister
R0yalRav3nFr0st R0yalRav3nFr0st a day ago
Totally excited😃 Just wait Slendy I'm coming for you first