Living With The Creepypastas (Creepypasta x Reader)

Living With The Creepypastas (Creepypasta x Reader)

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The Anonymous Four By RP_Addict Completed


You're found by a bunch of creepypastas in Slenderman's forest. They took you to the Slender Mansion where you're gonna live from now on, luckily you're spared. Will you survive? Will you become a prey? Will you become a creepypasta or still a prey living around with predators?

You will encounter:
Jeff the Killer
Laughing Jack
Eyeless Jack
Rosa Nightwalker (OC by Moine5142)
BEN Drowned
Jane the Killer
Nina the Killer
Ticci Toby
Lost Silver
Smile Dog
Judge Angels
Bloody Painter
The Puppeteer

Well, other "Living With The Creepypastas" stories, I seem to notice that most of the creepypastas were rude to the reader. In this story, they care for you the same way you care for them.


Published: April 2015
Finished: December 2017
Highest Rank (so far): #72 in fanfiction

Contains uncensored curse words, (some) violence, and (some) gore.

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KookieSuga KookieSuga 2 days ago
Ugh...I hope its not IT cuz' if he was IT I swear I will bite his hands off just like what he did to georgie 😒
angleacougar angleacougar 2 days ago
time to adjust to your new eviorment..what?!*does the bruh geasture8
Lol, I have a really bad feeling to cut into my skin just to see blood sometimes. So I use my pen and draw on my hand instead of cutting, it works really well. I really just look up blood online now, PLZ DONT SAY THAT IS CRAZY OR WERID LOL 😂 
KookieSuga KookieSuga 2 days ago
wtf? Jeff just said Go to sleep and then You don't want me to sleep?!
Stephania101 Stephania101 3 days ago
Three easy steps to lose ur memory of ur past:
                              1. Get a baseball bat
                              2. Hit ur head really hard
                              3. Get amnesia!
                              And ur done!
angleacougar angleacougar 2 days ago
hello! i just wanted to ask i know these get annoying to some, but im asking for a bitof feed back  in my creepypasta fanfic, i hope you like it, it has ben on thecover, but anyone whoreads this please just give me a tad bit of help on my fanfic and tell me whatyou think