Living With The Creepypastas (Creepypasta x Reader)

Living With The Creepypastas (Creepypasta x Reader)

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Nemesis Ravenscroft By RP_Addict Updated Dec 30, 2016

You're found by a bunch of creepypastas in Slenderman's forest. They took you to the Slender Mansion where you're gonna live from now on, luckily you're spared. Will you survive? Will you become a prey? Will you become a creepypasta or still a prey living around with predators? You will encounter:
Jeff the Killer
Laughing Jack
Eyeless Jack
Rosa Nightwalker (OC by Moine5142)
BEN Drowned
Jane the Killer
Nina the Killer
Ticci Toby
Lost Silver
Smile Dog
Judge Angels
Bloody Painter
The Puppeteer

Well, other "Living With The Creepypastas" stories, I seem to notice that most of the creepypastas were rude to the reader. In this story, they care for you the same way you care for them.

Contains no lemon. If you want those, better check my lemon book, Creepypasta x Reader (Lemons).

Warning. This story contains uncensored cursing words.

Credits to Moine5142 for making the awesome cover for me :D

Kat_the_Toymaker Kat_the_Toymaker 4 days ago
I have insomnia, Jeff, you son of a bitch. I CAN'T go to sleep.
Antlerca Antlerca 3 days ago
*bites her hand*
                              No bish.
                              Jeff: 0-0
                              EJ: 0-0
                              LJ: *snorting* :3
                              Nina ?: OW 0-0
                              Me: :3
Antlerca Antlerca 3 days ago
Slender: Just take her back to the mansion
                              Nina ?: SHE BIT ME
                              Jeff: ...
                              LJ: *trying not to die of laughter*
                              EJ: *eating my kidney slowly*
                              Slender: *his face... erm head is turning red*
                              Nina: ARE YOU LAUGHING!?!
                              Slender: *laughs* Just bring *laughs* her back
DragonrificFern DragonrificFern 7 days ago
*sticks out tounge* hmph u woke up my nap anyways, with the sounds
Antlerca Antlerca 3 days ago
I have to make this comment section have an odd number of comments...
                              I'm sorry
                              Comments before 150
                              Comments after 151
DragonrificFern DragonrificFern 7 days ago
I AM A FREAKIN LOUD PERSON , OK but still just kill me already!!!