Living With The Creepypastas (Creepypasta x Reader)

Living With The Creepypastas (Creepypasta x Reader)

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Nemesis Ravenscroft By RP_Addict Updated Dec 30, 2016

You're found by a bunch of creepypastas in Slenderman's forest. They took you to the Slender Mansion where you're gonna live from now on, luckily you're spared. Will you survive? Will you become a prey? Will you become a creepypasta or still a prey living around with predators? You will encounter:
Jeff the Killer
Laughing Jack
Eyeless Jack
Rosa Nightwalker (OC by Moine5142)
BEN Drowned
Jane the Killer
Nina the Killer
Ticci Toby
Lost Silver
Smile Dog
Judge Angels
Bloody Painter
The Puppeteer

Well, other "Living With The Creepypastas" stories, I seem to notice that most of the creepypastas were rude to the reader. In this story, they care for you the same way you care for them.

Contains no lemon. If you want those, better check my lemon book, Creepypasta x Reader (Lemons).

Warning. This story contains uncensored cursing words.

Credits to Moine5142 for making the awesome cover for me :D

XxPeachyTheFishXx XxPeachyTheFishXx 7 days ago
*bites her hand and grabs phone* I WILL USE THIS BITCHES DON'T PUT A HAND ON MEH OR THE POLICE GONNA PUT YALL IN THE MOTHERFUCKIN CRAZY HOUSE! Even if you my baes and bffs still
i love creepypastas  but plz..... ive read some weird stoiries.... no rape
And everyone else tries to save her, but luckily legend says there is an antidote hidden away somewhere...
I actually read all the chapters and I'm kinda wondering bout when ur gonna make more, if so then I have an idea, how bout this: Ben for some reason, invents a shrink ray that accidentaly shrunk the reader
KateClassic16 KateClassic16 2 days ago
                              Friend: THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE QUESTION!!!!
                              IKC!!! Lol XD
                              But.... both XD
Me: Hey can I ask you something 
                              Rosa; sure
                              Me: are you insane like me 
                              Rosa: I don't know why
                              Me: oh to bad I thought I could be me crazy killer self well toddals
                              Rosa: wait where are your going 
                              Me: roof deal with it