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Taming The Hybrid (TVD. Klaus Mikaelson)

Taming The Hybrid (TVD. Klaus Mikaelson)

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BeckySmolder By BeckySmolder Completed

Allison Lockwood, the older sister of Tyler Lockwood, returns to Mystic Falls after spending four years in California. She finds her future involving not a career, which it should be focused on after attending college, but a man who peaks her interest immediately. She rapidly comes to love his deep, husky tone of voice and his British accent she hears in every word he says. She falls for his cloudy dark blue eyes, his red lips, and his darkening blonde curls. The man she's undeniably attracted to has ruined not only her friends' but also her brother's life. This man is not human, but a hybrid, a vampire - werewolf mix. He's an Original. And his name is Klaus.

I can say this literally EXACTLY how Stefan says it in that scene. It is kind of weird
verifiedbutera verifiedbutera Jun 29, 2016
You know nik likes you when he doesn't tear out your liver for calling you by his full name
*starts to cry* I need a Klaus in my life but I'm too ugly to get one😭😭😭
fer_bartra_15 fer_bartra_15 Dec 13, 2016
Wait this easy. My mom would be asking  me a million questions
Katt_Natt Katt_Natt 6 days ago
That ladies and gentlemen is the first and only time Stefan makes a funny... And it was amazing
pwoper_psycho_muser pwoper_psycho_muser May 21, 2016
IM IN AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!! And defiantly come here its fabulous!!!