Son of a Witch - Ereri / Riren - SNK

Son of a Witch - Ereri / Riren - SNK

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kitkatt By Kattalee Updated Nov 26, 2016

There's a little tea shop situated off one of the busiest streets in London, and there's a not-so-little brown haired teen who works there who is hiding a not-so-little secret: he's the son of a Witch. Running short on staff, they start hiring and a little, raven haired man turns up looking for a job, and the second Levi's eyes find Eren's, Levi finds himself falling harder and faster than he ever has before.


"You write poetry?" Eren's eyes light up as he sits up, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips. "Write me something, then!"

"I've tried," Levi admits, cupping Eren's cheek and running his fingers over the warm, soft skin,"but every time I try to find the words you take my breath away all over again."

Astronovia Astronovia Nov 07, 2016
Y'know its illegal to pick bluebells in England, so how did the shop get them? ;)
Nina_Le_Cornchip Nina_Le_Cornchip Dec 21, 2016
The black notebook has now been stained with the tint of gayness
carpediem59 carpediem59 Oct 23, 2016
Hahn.... Farlan  have you ever read the yaoi dojinshis featuring Levi
lowkeyhatesyou lowkeyhatesyou Dec 30, 2016
I was like, are all the chapter titles tea puns? I was right.
Sadistic_Emo Sadistic_Emo Oct 09, 2016
Many bubbles were killed din the making of this poem. May you, Rest In Peace
Eli_jimenez_garcia Eli_jimenez_garcia Aug 28, 2016