Save Me (Carl x Reader)

Save Me (Carl x Reader)

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Carl grimes X reader

(y/n) your name
(e/c) eye color
(h/c) hair colour

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You look a way for a reason. I kinda just realized that as I read tint excerpts well reading some comments, seeing that I had totally put physical attributes. (Was My first serious book!)

Furking Merle
                              I only cried when he died because Daryl cried
                              And Daryl crying broke my heart
plaziee plaziee May 26
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My brother's face when I say "I looked at your browser history." ( I never Did)
Everybody in this fanfic is so dam blunt it's hilarious haha I'm dying
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oh. my. god. y'all do NOT know how much i hate it when SKINNY ASS BITCHES THINK THEY'RE FAT LIKE WTF IF UR FAT THEN WHAT THE HELL AM I
I'm kinda confused. Wasn't Daryl taking care of (y/n) and her mom left? So she couldn't have had a step dad.