Always attract

Always attract

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A/N Turned it into a story. Hope you like it :) g!p Perrie

Blue eyes scanned the area without interest, the lights of the bar momentarily blinding her as she made her way through the crowd of grinding bodies. Looking to the bar stool in search of her friends, she sighed in frustration once she didn't find them. However, something else caught her eye, better yet, someone else. A petite brunette was sitting on a stool, drinking a colourful liquid from a straw and playing with her caramel locks in bored. A tight, black dress accentuated every one of her curves, her cleaveage showing off perfect sized, round breasts that had the blonde's mouth watering. Unconsciously walking to the stranger, she noticed brown, lively eyes locking with her own, smirking when she saw the girl biting her lip and checking her out, a flirty, daring smile of her own on her lips.

-What's a pretty girl like you doing here alone?- she questioned, leaning her back on the counter, her whole body facing the dance fl...

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fuckedwards fuckedwards 6 days ago
*places chair down and starts reading this book for the 100th time or smth*
jerrieng jerrieng Apr 30
Reading this for the second time now cuz im waiting for the fire and gold update 😪
Okay, on my first time on reading a gip, I didn't really get what cock means neither what Jade had meant 😂. So I was like, 'wait, what? She has what?' 😂😂😂😂
I'm reading this for the third time while waiting for the next chapter of Fire N' Gold 😅
h418ov201c h418ov201c Jun 03, 2016
Neden böyle güzel Türkçe hikayeler yok ağağağağaüğaüa9aüa0ağğağa
fanjerriefics fanjerriefics Jan 07, 2016
I have decided that this is gonna be next on my list of fics to binge read and so far I really like it! :D