Zombies, Combat Boots, and Cameron Dallas (Zombie Apocalypse)

Zombies, Combat Boots, and Cameron Dallas (Zombie Apocalypse)

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After the zombie virus was exposed to the public, it took only weeks for the world as we know it to crumble. Zombies now roam the earth, searching for survivors, and their next meal. 

Evelyn is part of a small group of survivors who'd just arrived in America the day it all began. Somehow they managed to survive, but while trying to fight off a zombie wave, everything changes. Her life is saved by a mysterious stranger, she joins his group and they set out together to take on the zombie ridden world. Romance sparks, but will they survive? Constantly being pushed to her limit, Evelyn and her new community go through all kinds of experiences. They may bring her and her saviour closer and closer together, but there's one thing that's pushing them further and further apart. All Evelyn really has to rely on are her black combat boots. Will they make it? Read on to find out!

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QueenPinkyDash QueenPinkyDash Mar 14, 2017
Actually they could. If the put their body weight on the wall, it will eventually come tumbling down
Fritz281 Fritz281 Mar 06, 2017
Nice chapter.... just how did they burst through the wall if. A crap ton of zombies couldn't