Submit To Me

Submit To Me

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Alirastar By Alirastar Updated Aug 25, 2018

He slammed me up against the cold wall, trapping me with his gloriously hard body.

"Listen up kitten, YOU ARE MINE! You got that?! The moment YOU stepped into MY club you were mine! YOU OBEY ME! UNDERSTOOD?!!" He hissed, his hands curling into a ball obviously trying to suppress his anger. I smirked, suddenly feeling confident and leaned into him.

"Sir" I whispered seductively into his ear before kneeing him where the sun don't shine. Flicking my hair back, away from my shoulders I continued " don't know me at all" and with that I walked out swaying my hips in triumph leaving him to groan in pain..

Damn, are her knees made of steel? Shit that hurt. 
"Boss, do you want us to go after her?" Duncan asked helping me get up. I chuckled

"No need Duncan. No need" Hmm looks like I've found myself a feisty one, I thought to myself. I do like a game of chase and I sure as hell love the prize.

When innocent yet hard headed Brooklyn Sheepe agrees to finally follow her friends Mica and Jason to Club Sensations, she is fully aware that it is a bdsm club. She has always found bdsm intriguing especially when its all her two best friends seem to talk about. The plan was simple, go in and see what it's like. What she didn't expect was to catch the attention of Nathaniel Valente.

Nathaniel Valente, owner of Club Sensations and Dominant. Whilst doing his routine checks his attention is drawn to the sexy female that just walked into his club. At that moment all cared about was to make her his. He's never had the urge to make someone his submissive. It was usually them that came to him. This female however he didn't want her just physically, no. He wanted her to submit both physically and emotionally.

So when Brooklyn and Nathaniel's world collide is she willing to submit to him? Play not interested? or hard to get? After all Nathaniel loves a game of chase, especially if the prize is "his" beautiful little vixen.

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