Renessme's twin sister ( twilight saga fanfic ) *ON HOLD*

Renessme's twin sister ( twilight saga fanfic ) *ON HOLD*

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Rodale Glynze By KawaiiKeena_2004 Updated Oct 13

Bella was giving birth to Renessme.... but what they didn't know is that Renessme has twin sister after Edward bites Bella he saw a baby that was covered by blood he went to the basment and put the baby there

"It's your fault why Bella was dying." He blamed all to her why Bella was dying

After 3 days 

Unwanted girls' pov

I alway stay in the basement where nobody can see me.... he blamed me... I heard voices upstairs.. they we're all happy while me down here is so sad... I heard a knock from the door

"Its open." A man with red eyes came and handed me a food

"Thank you." I said as I reach the food and start eating and then he throw a water bottle at my face that hits my nose, it pains he still don't care and leave me alone here.... he hates me, why do he blame me? Its not my fault. Tears fell on my eyes. Tomorrow is gonna be a bad day

The next morning 

He opened the door and hold my left arm the next thing I know is that I was already out of the basement, he slapped my face it hu...

You mean 'child abduction' ? 
                              Your either 12 or really REEEAAALY bad at English
Hi_im_Ajla Hi_im_Ajla Jul 29
you should write longer chapeters,and don't have so much time skip but the book is great!
 #1:  Edward would never do that to his own flesh and blood
                               #2:  CHILD ABUSE!!!
Rikufutaki Rikufutaki Oct 15
And you'll get arrested with Child Abuse and child neglect so who do YOU think you're threatening?
SamCaelius SamCaelius Jun 12, 2015
You really shouldn't give her name in an author's note.  In this type of story, getting a name should be a big emotional deal and could serve as character development when written correctly.
SamCaelius SamCaelius Jun 12, 2015
I have no idea what just happened.  You really need to work on grammar and punctuation.  Also, cool it with the time skips.