Mine (boyxboy werewolf)

Mine (boyxboy werewolf)

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Kai's POV

I woke up to the sound of Alex's voice coming out of my alarm.

I sat up as I realised that I was late, it should have been for Baltimore playing, not so long soldier.

7.30am. Shit, i only have twenty minutes to get ready.

I rushed put of my bed and grabbed my black skinnys of the floor and put them on, then I grabbed a random band tee out of my wardrobe. 

I grabbed my vans off my floor and ran out of my door remembering to grab my bag and hoodie. 

I looked in my mirror fixing my hair. I should tell you about myself.

Well my name is Jace Kai Blakely, but everyone calls me Kai, my hair is jet black styled in an 'emo' style, my eyes are green and I have snake bites. I am an orphan, my parents my twin and older brother are dead.

Slam. I ran into a hard chest. I looked up to see Seth, the future Alpha. It's your fault I was distracted by telling you about myself.

I gulp trying not to look at him in case he catches me staring. He is truly gorgeous. With hi...

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Hey don't fret its alright we all know someone smexy that's only 5'3
... he looks like Jeff the killer except for the fact that he didn't cut a smile on his face and he has eyelids
novakairos novakairos Jan 05
what are the odds of that, that would nEVER happen. totally random
What about “hi class” or at least sit down would be nice.
I don’t know that time...I’m just going to guess that’s England time or something. I’m a freakin American so can anyone plz tell me what that means in English terms???(you know what I mean)
He sounds like my best friend when I told her about how sh!tty my parents are (let’s not get into that)