Let Me Open Your Eyes

Let Me Open Your Eyes

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~jodie~ By Little_Miss_ShyGal Updated Nov 24

"Let me open your eyes Paisley, how bad can it be?"

"You won't be able to" I insist.

"I know you have all of these walls built around yourself, but let me try to break them" He whispers.

"I guess you can try" I shrug.

"I know you're scared-"

"Petrified" I correct.

"But, you can at least try" he says.

"I don't want to get hurt again" I whisper and he nods.

"And I won't let that happen" he promises.

What would possess someone to stop talking for four years? 
What would cause a sixteen year old girl to never cry, not a single tear for four years? 
What used up all of Paisley Holden's tears?

These are the questions that Aspen Blue won't stop asking until he finds the answer to her mystery. 
He has made it his mission to open up her eyes and teach her to let people in again.

He just didn't know how hard it would be...

A beautiful heartbreaking story about love, loss and learning how to trust again after four years of suffering in silence.

Same aging wth I'm not supposed to relate to this book 😂😂
And here we go........ Let the tears flow throughout the book...
bluecake122 bluecake122 Nov 25
I would still love the book so dw whatever makes's you proud and happy go for it : )
WeaverBVB WeaverBVB Jul 23
Omg this book is so good it sums up how I feel sometimes and this is only the first chapter. Can't wait to see what else you come up with throughout the book!
Insurgent1300 Insurgent1300 Aug 18, 2015
You need to shut up girl! Your being a horrible friend! All she wants to do is see her grandma!
Crazy_Nerd_Gal Crazy_Nerd_Gal May 11, 2015
                              The first paragraph and I am HOOKED.
                              Damn Jodie you are one skilled writer. XD