Demon in the Works [Bill Cipher x Reader]

Demon in the Works [Bill Cipher x Reader]

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Pansexual Pirate By EchoingThroughTime Completed

~Sequel to Curiosity [Dipper x Reader x Bill] ~ 

~Continues after Bill's ending~

~Contains spoilers to Curiosity~

After entering the Dreamscape, you and Bill have spent your time together as normal people would. From time to time you'd leave the mansion to chat with the twins, your family, and everyone else. Even though you're a literal descendant from God's heaven, Bill's still incessant in reforming you as one of his own...a demon.

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Bill no
                              Bill: Bill yes
                              Bill: Yes
                              Bill: Yes
                              Bill: No-- wait what?
                              *throws arms up* SUCCESS!!
astroblr astroblr Oct 24
a demon teaching an angel to become a demon.
                              sounds legit, i aM IN
- - Jul 21, 2016
Are u working on Mystery Trio?Cuz im really looking forward to it
Cabrin23theDemon Cabrin23theDemon Jan 30, 2016
I thought of Papyrus thinking of him crashing through the window. XD
CalioClawz CalioClawz Dec 25, 2016
Joanna: .........
                              BUT IM A DEPRESSED HEARTBROKEN DEMON
BillCiphersTwin BillCiphersTwin Jun 10, 2016
Don't think I would give in.
                              I don't think I would accept.
                              I'm a strong person with a hard-to-break..
                              Yea no I would have given in ages ago. XD