Mission 42 (ItaNaru)

Mission 42 (ItaNaru)

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Itachi By Itachi_S_Lucius Updated Jun 29

Naruto left the village in order to find peace. Orochimaru was now screwing it up. 

"Oi, Naruto. What do you keep in the lower drawer?"

"None of your business Sasuke!"

"Oh, I'm sure"


Idk why, but I have a feeling itachi is gonna come home early
Mother fuckin shhiiiiiit I JUST HAD A HEART ATTACK RIGHT NOW
We already got sasori and deidera not naruto too😭😭😂😂😂😲😲😲😲
Sunnydg Sunnydg Nov 03
I gotta a new one instead of "Shîts going down" it's: 
                              Shît is hitting the fan!! *subtlety steps away from fan*
Resonance15 Resonance15 Oct 17, 2015
Um what is TB it feels like I'm the only one who doesn't know
Psychic_Kitten_Girl Psychic_Kitten_Girl Jul 07, 2015
What the hell is TB? And why is it hurting MY Naru-kun? Sure, I'm willing to SHARE him, but overall, he's mine. Teehee. *smiles angelically*