Ren Hinata ||OHSHC||     *On Hiatus*

Ren Hinata ||OHSHC|| *On Hiatus*

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I wanna be a bean By jjjmsl Updated May 23

Ren is normal... Well as normal as any demigod can get. When she moves to Japan and meets the Host Club what'll happen will the Host club become protective or will she be a mere side-kick to someone. Will Ren's impulse that causes her to throw skittles(if she has any) at people and yell "Taste the rainbow!" when they insult her draw the boys in or make them runaway. Or will Ren's past as a criminal (Like stuff Percy was wanted from) mean anything to them if they find out, will Tamaki be in the emo corner, will Mori talk any, will Hunny eat cake?!?! All questions that will be answered in good time.

*on hiatus*

I fell in luv wif da story before I even read it. The description was just perfect! xD
Human lie detector? Its like your the know it all (but not smart)
Umm....I don't know if I'm ryt...but I think that u r not a demigod if both ur parents are gods...besides u either have a Greek god or a Roman god..not both......
And to be a Demi God, wouldn't she have one human parent and one God parent
KayPea10201 KayPea10201 Oct 13
I loved this from the description "will she throw skittles at people and yell "TASTE THE RAINBOW"
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As soon as it says dyslexia 
                              In my mind: I'm bella thorn and I'm going to tell bout the time I had dyslexia >:D