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Fallen for a Sin (Envy x Reader)

Fallen for a Sin (Envy x Reader)

30.8K Reads 900 Votes 15 Part Story
Jordan Harvey By Fullmetal_Author Completed

"DAMMIT!!!! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" I screamed, running through the forest. The scientists caught up with me quickly and grabbed my arms. "LET ME GO YOU BASTARD!!" I cried. A man walked up to me with a syringe. It had a strange red substance in it. "Don't worry, you'll become an immortal...a homunculus." the man said. The syringe was shoved into my arm and the substance was injected into my bloodstream. I screamed out in pain and fell to my knees. The scientists let go of my arms as I thrashed around on the ground. My (e/c) eyes turned a blood red color and a strange tattoo formed on the side of my neck. I stood up slowly and grabbed one of the scientist's neck. "Now...DIE." I growled, tearing his throat opened. I tore the other two men's throats opened and began walking deeper into the forest. After an hour, I collapsed.

~Time Skip~

I sat up and placed a hand on my forehead. "Father! She woke up!" a voice called. I looked up at the source of the voice. It was a boy with dark green h...

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Hey envys nickname is now palmtree....nice way to make him made XD
BallisticGirl BallisticGirl Dec 01, 2017
Make sure not to scratch the blood seal. That could end horribly
SokoNara SokoNara Aug 25, 2017
Envy is gender less, so  you made Envy a male, that is not confusing so dont worry
NightmareStream NightmareStream Oct 27, 2016
Envy is a part of the 7 deadly sins... why do people add more deadly sins that aren't even deadly or sins into it?
AnimeAngelCakes1314 AnimeAngelCakes1314 Jul 26, 2015
sorrow:i-i don't want t-to hurt al 
                              (crys) I'm sorry 
                              I love the story keep going
TheDragonHybridXD TheDragonHybridXD Jul 06, 2015
Insanity: Envy's got a crush! 
                              Envy: shut up! don't make come over there! 
                              Insanity: *puts hands up in surrender and slowly backs away*