Fallen for a Sin (Envy x Reader)

Fallen for a Sin (Envy x Reader)

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Jordan Harvey By Fullmetal_Author Completed

"DAMMIT!!!! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" I screamed, running through the forest. The scientists caught up with me quickly and grabbed my arms. "LET ME GO YOU BASTARD!!" I cried. A man walked up to me with a syringe. It had a strange red substance in it. "Don't worry, you'll become an immortal...a homunculus." the man said. The syringe was shoved into my arm and the substance was injected into my bloodstream. I screamed out in pain and fell to my knees. The scientists let go of my arms as I thrashed around on the ground. My (e/c) eyes turned a blood red color and a strange tattoo formed on the side of my neck. I stood up slowly and grabbed one of the scientist's neck. "Now...DIE." I growled, tearing his throat opened. I tore the other two men's throats opened and began walking deeper into the forest. After an hour, I collapsed.

~Time Skip~

I sat up and placed a hand on my forehead. "Father! She woke up!" a voice called. I looked up at the source of the voice. It was a boy with dark green h...

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Make sure not to scratch the blood seal. That could end horribly
SokoNara SokoNara Aug 25
Envy is gender less, so  you made Envy a male, that is not confusing so dont worry
NightmareStream NightmareStream Oct 27, 2016
Envy is a part of the 7 deadly sins... why do people add more deadly sins that aren't even deadly or sins into it?
AnimeAngelCakes1314 AnimeAngelCakes1314 Jul 26, 2015
sorrow:i-i don't want t-to hurt al 
                              (crys) I'm sorry 
                              I love the story keep going
TheDragonHybridXD TheDragonHybridXD Jul 06, 2015
Insanity: Envy's got a crush! 
                              Envy: shut up! don't make come over there! 
                              Insanity: *puts hands up in surrender and slowly backs away*
-strxngs -strxngs Apr 10, 2015
"I'm not going to have fun with this Envy.. -.-" Was my reaction xD