Subtle Shift (BWWM)complete

Subtle Shift (BWWM)complete

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Lizabeth Bee Keen By LBKeen Completed

"My life is at a turning point A: I've made it through freshmen without braining any professors. And B: I'm pretty sure the hottest guy in school is stalking me. I think my life has officially turned for the worst alright, wait, except for the first part. My professors are pretty lucky."

Corrinne Craft a world-weary sophomore whose best friend is a book, and chocolate cookies. A realist about the world, and romance around her that she doesn't bother looking at Nate Cronus. The proclaimed Prince of campus. Who decides to toss Corrinne's world into chaos, and opens a can of worms. Hopefully, Corrinne is strong enough to deal with him and the mess.



You know somenody gon save her but i wonder what drove her to this point
Is she mixed cause she's REALLLY light (not trying to be racist or anything I'm black so I was just wandering)
Ooh I love a man with brains as well as brawn! Take me I'm yours!
brubiv brubiv May 22
Whoa...I have friends that go to this school. I live in Tennessee and that's where this school is.
bentely1012 bentely1012 Mar 14
Girl I felt the same way until I actually caught myself loving someone. Emotion yes VERY emotional. I never did hurt anyone in the name of love though. That's one line I will not cross
Airezz Airezz Nov 29, 2015
I love APSU Ive toured it a few times and thats where i would like to go.