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This story is part 2 of 'Finding His Destiny'.  Reading it first will make this story easier to understand.

Rafferty Wildee and his new mate Marissa have returned to his pack in Montana.

Marissa is half cat shifter and is unsure of the reception she will receive when they arrive on the Wildee Pack lands.  

Rafferty is hoping for the best because he knows that his new mate plays a big part in the destiny of his pack.

  • love
  • romance
  • shapeshifter
  • shortstory
  • soulmates
  • were-cat
  • werewolf
Ndiyah Ndiyah Nov 25, 2017
No matter who or what it is, there’s always one in every crowd who wants more proof,  or says that’s not proof,  always a negative troublemaker rambling about something all the time.
19_simplyme_97 19_simplyme_97 Apr 11, 2018
I just want you to remember this moment when you have TWO mister!😂😂😂
Lighthouse60 Lighthouse60 Apr 03, 2018
You have be excepted so your twins will be cat and wolf. They have already said that both will be born with Alpha blood and will share and get along just fine.
Lighthouse60 Lighthouse60 Apr 03, 2018
Don't worry your story for me are awesome and creative. I love all of them and will be reading them a second time just for the enjoyment of reading.
ReginaKilburnBurkeen ReginaKilburnBurkeen Apr 29, 2015
Well I read your other book and it was amazing so far this one is starting out great too. So keep on updating
_Tribe_ _Tribe_ Apr 09, 2015
Your writing is amazing just get your book a little more out there