Hubris (Book One of the Siren Tragedies)

Hubris (Book One of the Siren Tragedies)

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Sarah Hines By SarahHines8 Completed


It started with an order from her father: retrieve something lost to him and kill those who had laid eyes on it.

But Telese, the youngest of the first-born Sirens, can't accept the dark fate that Alexandros has laid out for all of humanity. She can't watch as the careful balance that she has dedicated her life to maintain crumbled into wasted efforts. She can't listen to the smug remarks from Mortimer, the newly appointed Chief of Minions of the Dark World, who had irritated and antagonized her for 700 years as he did his part to destroy humanity from within itself. She can't witness the end of everything that she, her sisters and her nieces have lived for--and everything that her mother died for.

It began with an order from the man that has tortured Telese since life began. It began in fear; fear of her father, fear of the Sirens' fate and fear of her own, uncontrollable powers that sank Atlantis and buried Pompeii.  But when her father sealed the fate of the humans, a long-forgotten spark of sedition was rekindled, and Telese knows that her life, her sisters and nieces lives and the lives of every human on Earth depends on an uprising against the man that holds them on a delicate thread. But how do you stop the one who makes the rules for all of existence itself?

Telese has only one more chance to protect humanity and change the fate set for the Sirens. But can she succeed? Or is her attempt simply hubris?


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jkbrady jkbrady Feb 15, 2016
If the prologue is anything to go by this story will be a pleasure to read.  Thank you
Fairytale_Fabler Fairytale_Fabler Mar 03, 2016
Magical yet relatable. First impressions can be deceiving. In the case of "fire," maybe that notion will bring unexpected hope to the story rather than despair. This shows the promise of being epic. I wish you the best of luck with the series. :)
SarahHines8 SarahHines8 Jan 12, 2016
Thank you so much! I've been worried that the prologue is too confusing, but I'm glad to see it isn't. Thanks for reading!
AriatheDreamer AriatheDreamer Jan 12, 2016
A very captivating prologue.  It has this air of mystery that drew me in right away and I love the final line.
EPIC blurb, and an opening sentence to match! I'm looking forward to this book