All that I touch tumbles down

All that I touch tumbles down

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Barbara Rodriguez By BarbaraRodriguez6 Updated May 26, 2017

A ghost bird fanfic- 
"what if I'm broken beyond repair or what if I just don't want to be fixed?" I asked his eyes glossed over 

"That won't happen I promise just let me help please!" He begged 

What do you do when all that you touch tumbles down? You see Sang Sorenson lives with an abusive alcoholic she receives brutal beating almost nightly from the person who's supposed to be his little girls hero. She's not average and maybe just maybe she's broken beyond repair. That is until nine unearthly hot guys choose to help this blonde haired green eyed beauty

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LadyZelda12350 LadyZelda12350 Apr 16, 2017
Because of your spelling error I know say invasible all the time 😂
cloud-gazer cloud-gazer Apr 04, 2016
Dad's abusing?!? Oh, this will be good. I can feel it in me bones!
BarbaraRodriguez6 BarbaraRodriguez6 Aug 12, 2016
Ah ah ah I'm yelling because I didn't even realize that I am sorry and will fix it!!
BarbaraRodriguez6 BarbaraRodriguez6 Oct 10, 2015
Whaaaaattttt no I meant to put that *i say as I begin to edit* XD
Academygirl568 Academygirl568 Jun 13, 2015
Did you mean South Carolina because I live in charleston in South Carolina and do not know of any charlestons in North Carolina plus c.l. Stones ghostbird series is in South Carolina
anon2404 anon2404 Apr 06, 2015
Not invisible at all with 9 Academy guys who never miss a thing.  How long before they notice the bruises.