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Lost Guardian of the Sea

Lost Guardian of the Sea

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Slayer By Shadow_Warrior14 Updated Mar 15, 2016

After the war with Kronos, the Olympians were weak. So they created guardians. The strongest of these guardians was a son of Poseidon named Perseus. He lived for hundreds of years. He fought in both the war against the Persians and the Trojan War, fighting along side the great Achilles himself. After serving his father for hundreds of years he disappears. At the final battle of the second Titan war, Perseus makes an entrance worthy of Zeus and defeats the Titan Lord. When he is reunited with his family, he brings terrible news of another war with Gaea and her giant children once again. Unfortunately or fortunately, the Fates are not in control of when he dies. That decision is up to the great Chaos himself.

SonOfPoseidon9 SonOfPoseidon9 Mar 11, 2016
Don't talk to my brother like that Zeus. You can go to Tartarus for all I care.
did u just offend my bro not cool not cool at all
                              P.s descendant of Athena Dughter of poseidon
Sunnydg Sunnydg Nov 22, 2016
Before I start reading this (again) I just want to point out that in the summary it says "an entrance worthy of Zeus" and I suddenly imagined Percy coming in on a motorcycle doing a wheely with lightning behind him and fireworks on the sides 😂
Esee_the_queen Esee_the_queen Aug 09, 2016
Wait! Who called Percy weak? I need to know so I can knock some sense into them!
LennyBoysRDank LennyBoysRDank Feb 27, 2016
I imagined the voice getting higher as, "Hades asked his brother?" went on because of the question mark.
_PerseusJackson_ _PerseusJackson_ Dec 13, 2016
                              .... Mk, where's The Sense Bat?