Bittersweet | Jaspar Fanfic

Bittersweet | Jaspar Fanfic

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Joe Sugg is a great student.

He studies as hard as he can for all his tests, does his homework immediately once he gets home, and always knows the answer to ever question in class. He's part of the Drama Club, and has starred in about 3 plays they put on, and he was amazing in every single one of them. He's gorgeous, and nice, but there's one problem: he sucks at making friends. He has some, but mostly everyone in his school thinks he's a giant nerd and doesn't really tolerate him like they do with his sister, Zoe. 

Caspar Lee is a great guy.  
That's why he's popular. He's a pretty good student, and has a great personality. He gets invited to all the parties, and gets all the guys and girls, and is pretty much the life of the school.  At least, until he asks Joe out on a dare and decides to string him along until he actually falls for him, and ruins everything.


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LowkeyOfAssGuard LowkeyOfAssGuard Jul 29, 2017
Oml I am so embarrassed I thought this was a a twilight Jasper fan fic DEAD
halfwaytome halfwaytome Mar 24
i read this whole book i think a year ago and i remember it being amazing. so happy that i found it again and i love it already
misticmagic100 misticmagic100 Feb 14, 2017
Just know, one day they'll go to heaven, which will be rally shitty bc all the gays and LGBTQ+ community will go to hell so really they will be swapped around
Jolinsky_Slays Jolinsky_Slays Dec 24, 2016
2eyn0oo 2eyn0oo Oct 15, 2016
I love how you told us not to send this to them bc theyre not together
Pennythefangirll Pennythefangirll Oct 29, 2016
Not started reading this yet (bout to) but it sounds fricking amazing