Daddy's innocent girl [h.s]

Daddy's innocent girl [h.s]

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' By severedlines Updated Jan 19, 2017

Rosalie lives the life of an average boring sixteen year old: she doesn't have many friends, has her nose in one too many books and barely has a social life.

But things are about to change.

Through unfortunate circumstances, Rosalie crosses paths with a young multi-millionaire businessman who goes by the name of Harry Styles, or to her, Daddy.

When Harry offers her an ultimatum, to which Rosalie happily agrees to, will Rosalie manage to live up to Harry's high expectations without hurting herself in the process ?

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WoahDizzyIzzy WoahDizzyIzzy Jul 05, 2017
He owns the apartment complex of course it's legal for him to have a key
ambiiance ambiiance May 14
i understand some of the struggles of not having gas, food in the cupboards, mum not having money to pay rent. it’s horrible :/
Batch wat my parents have already told me that I’m supporting myself through college (and I’ve only just started high school) why doesn’t that brother grow up and pay for his own stuff so his mother and sister aren’t homeless
Me: dad can I have 3,000 dollars 
                              Dad: here's a slice of cheese
                              Dad: but your self something nice
cosmoskies cosmoskies Jul 03, 2017
the pervert didn't even have his coffee. my dad makes me make him tea all the time and everytime it feels like such an effort like damn at least drink the shít and appreciate it
supercilioused supercilioused Oct 17, 2017
it makes me laugh when people think they can relate to this, she probably doesn’t even have technology but you do so you’re not poor at all.