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Aomine x Reader (SMUT/LEMON)

Aomine x Reader (SMUT/LEMON)

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SadisticSmutStories By SadisticSmutStories Completed

Reader (that's you!) is one of the baddest girls in school. But lately, she's been butting heads with one of the baddest boys at school; Aomine Daiki. I was inspired to make this from a poorly written fan fic about a bad girl and a bad guy hooking up. Enjoy!

Nope you guess lost a reader it's not a x reader if you use a oc, ok? Its ok just remember that next time
Anime_Freak90210 Anime_Freak90210 Apr 06, 2016
LOL! If someone said that to me, I'd be like:
                              "I know right. Hell! Everyone's scared of me!" 
                              Then I'd just laugh my ass off and walk away like a badass......B).......
                              ..........If only I was actually cool..........
CielSoulandDTK CielSoulandDTK May 29, 2016
When I was in kindergarten, I knocked a kid out and didn't get in trouble... shhhhh
Raichaelrocks Raichaelrocks Jun 10, 2016
One time my brother pissed me of so I kicked him in his nuts twice in a row
KelsIsMikasaAckerman KelsIsMikasaAckerman Sep 08, 2016
Meaning I'll be punching myself in the face.......
Trollpuppy87 Trollpuppy87 Jun 24, 2016
When i was in kindergarten i kicked a fifth grader really hard in his knee and he almost cried my friends weren't scared but they knew not to mess with me when i am pissed off or annoyed