Red Lace ~Kellic~ (Boyxboy)

Red Lace ~Kellic~ (Boyxboy)

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Kellin Quinn isn't your ordinary 21 year old college student. By day he studies, and by night he dances. The pole is his best friend.

Victor Fuentes, 28 year old and Vice President of Fuentes Food Inc. He's a hardworking man, that has almost no one by his side. 

What happens when these two collide?

alltoocaitlyn alltoocaitlyn Sep 18, 2016
Am I the only one who is worried about the milk? Cause like he's going to practice when he's gotta put the milk in the refrigerator 😥
trashcanwithapen trashcanwithapen Aug 15, 2016
Okay first I thought, yay a fic with bands in it, then I'm like okay they're dancers and then I'm like WHAT THE SHÎTBISCUIT
- - Nov 13, 2016
Look at all the edgy kids up there who feel cool because they don't listen to mainstream pop...
_linny_boo_ _linny_boo_ Feb 12
                              WILL SURELY BRING ME PAIN!
                              INTOXICATION, PARANOIA AND A LOT OF FAME!!!
JesusIsMySideChick JesusIsMySideChick Feb 21, 2016
I'm making sounds and cringing so much bc of the milk comments SHOW MERCY WITH ME GUYS
universe-cat universe-cat Dec 06, 2016
Why is It that Vic is always the prostitute while Kellin is always the stripper. I mean, seriously.