The Devil's Mate

The Devil's Mate

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Leksi Knight By leksiknight Updated Jul 31, 2016

Perci isn't extraordinary. She isn't even slightly special. There's nothing about her that would draw the eye of any handsome bachelor or hunk and she likes it that way. Living in a world where demons roam the Earth and divine intervention is a myth, Perci finds herself battling raging desires and soul crushing decisions to be with someone whom is the incarnation of evil. 

Forces that she doesn't understand force them apart at every turn, but love always wins. There's only one problem. There's no such thing as love in Hell.


(The cover is my own painting and doesn't depict what Perci and Lucien look like, it was just an old painting of mine that bizarrely fit with the story :P)

  • angel
  • cerberus
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  • devil
  • dominant
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  • god
  • hades
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Lol the irony: beseeching the Lord for the Devil to interact with you more
Uhhhhh how can he be a demon with red skin hornss and be handsome
xthe_sarcasm_bish xthe_sarcasm_bish Sep 25, 2016
Shouldn't be Beyoncé why am I saying this I love Beyoncé forgive me 🙁
SuperMegaSum SuperMegaSum Sep 04, 2016
I'm 12 
                              Yeah it hasn't happened yet damn I got one year to go until it happens
SuperMegaSum SuperMegaSum Sep 04, 2016
*says in a light gay-ish voice*
                              Enjoy your stay!
                              *smiles and gallops away*
SuperMegaSum SuperMegaSum Sep 04, 2016
Me if I was her: Stfu nah!
                              Him: yeah I'm the big deal 
                              Me: Damn son gotta go fast like sanic sry not sry