Halo: Reach

Halo: Reach

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I do not own copyright. All I did was transcript Halo: Reach into text.
All copyright goes to Bungie. 

The story of Reach, and its fall before the events of Halo: Combat Evolved. Experience the story of Noble Team as they fight to save Reach.

Again, all copyright goes to Bungie, Google Images, the game's creator, and their respective owners.


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JayPOliver JayPOliver Apr 10, 2017
It was three. Tom and Lucy from Ghosts of Onyx were in Beta Company
SpartanBeta312 SpartanBeta312 Dec 15, 2017
...what? all Spartans in the same companies knew each other, except maybe grey team
Dabeasthalofan6 Dabeasthalofan6 Aug 22, 2017
I'm not that impressed. Instead of explaining, give some more vivid description. Just a little criticism because at first it didn't really hook me into the story.
SpartanBeta312 SpartanBeta312 Dec 15, 2017
there was no Charlie company, It was Gamma. also the total was about 1230, gamma had 330 Spartans in it. also Kat and Six were never a part of TORPEDO
Titan4112 Titan4112 Dec 20, 2017
Yeah, no. I'm sorry, but this doesn't really capture the first moments of Halo: Reach that well.
Dabeasthalofan6 Dabeasthalofan6 Aug 22, 2017
You repeat "I" too much. Don't be vague in the description. Just trying to help