My Stepbrother The Incubus (Editing)

My Stepbrother The Incubus (Editing)

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Tina By TinaEsc Updated Jan 31, 2017

**This is an Incubus story**

****An incubus is a inhumane handsome or beautiful demonic figure who paralyzes you so they can have sex with you so they can eat. Because they're food is Cum. They disguise themselves as humans and try to eat human food to remain unnoticed.**** 

Raina is an ordinary girl until her and her mother moved in with her wealthy step-dad.
Ever since she moved, her life was in slow motion.
Not soon after she met her stepbrother the next day; Adam. She knew he was different the first time she laid her eyes on him.
He stared at her every second, every minute, every hour, and everyday.
It was the next month she realized he wasn't human.
He is an incubus.

I was frozen in my bed as a figure approached me with the silhouette of it's  wings flared out in the mist of the cold crisp night. The foot steps approached my bed. I couldn't call for help. Adam's room was right next door. I couldn't move my lips or any part of my body, but my eyes. It's wings seemed to morph back into it's skin.

It's warm hands landed on the hem of my panties. It slid down. I shivered as the cold breeze from my open window. He didn't even bother to lift my shirt, considering it was already off. He sniffed the air. A chuckle filled the eerie silence. I shut my eyes as he clasped my nipple in it's mouth.

(The sex scene will be in the story)

As he finished, he spoke once from the whole thing; not counting the grunts and groaning. It took my virginity. I was freaking out in my mind. I was still paralyzed as it whispered three words in my ear, "You taste good." Then I realized the voice was familiar...It was my stepbrother.

Eh hope you like it. :)

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Malasj Malasj Aug 04, 2017
Lmao father? If my mom said this I'd correct her helllllaaaa fast. Just cause u married this don't mean shît.
bitchface_ bitchface_ Jun 22, 2017
Bitch you letting her live with a grown àss man for a year stfu
berrycoolstuff123 berrycoolstuff123 Aug 17, 2017
Happy llama 
                              Sad llama 
                              Mentally disturbed llama
                              Super llama
                              Drama llama 
                              Big fat mama llama
                              Llama llama llama 
                              Who is this big llama
                              Starting all this drama
                              It's me girl
Belle62 Belle62 Nov 11, 2015
I don't know if you know, but the title of the book says stepbother instead of stepbrother.
ForgettingLove ForgettingLove Oct 23, 2015
Raina Is My Middle name ! I feel special because I can never find my name Tianna not even on a coke bottle-_-