Dark Angel

Dark Angel

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Alyss Midnight By Alyss_Midnight Completed

Angel Hamilton is Dark Angel....................
Damien Cole is Jet Black......................
But no one knows that. 
Dark Angel isn't the only superhero in new york.....................

Angel Hamilton was abandoned by her parents. She lived with her physcotic aunt until her aunt tried to kill her. Then she lived on the street until she got a job. Then she rented an apartment. She went back to school. That is until the attack. After that she took out her mothers old costume, that had been in her closet the night she dissappeared, and became a superhero. She was plunged into a crazy new world that she never knew existed. She meets four other superhero's Jet Black, Little Man, Falcon, and White Angel who reminds her of herself. She falls in love, and learns a horrible secret. Now with the family she never knew in danger will she risk her new superhero family?

  • abandoned
  • angel
  • blown
  • damien
  • date
  • experiments
  • explosion
  • fight
  • flying
  • fun
  • gone
  • hit
  • kidnapped
  • killer
  • parents
  • powers
  • proposal
  • save
  • scared
  • school
  • superheors
  • superhero
  • superheros
  • supernatural
  • vampires
  • villans
  • wings

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