Good Time [Zarry]

Good Time [Zarry]

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ramie By zarrycupcake Updated Nov 06, 2015

"So baby... how about that good time you promised?"

"For the last fucking time you horny pervert, I'm not a phone hooker!"

"Oh? So humor me then. Why did I find your phone number written in the local phone booth, with the label 'Asian Persuasion: Call me, for a guaranteed good time'?"

"Fuck my life."

"How about I fuck you instead?"

Or, the one where a prank gone wrong was one of the best and the worst things that happened in Zayn Malik's so called mediocre life.

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Ms_No_Name_1 Ms_No_Name_1 Mar 05, 2017
Who still looks in phonebooks 😂 anymore. What we're you looking for?
ZarryChick34 ZarryChick34 Jul 24, 2015
I find it ironic that most of the time we have better grammar than native speakers.
TheZiamologist TheZiamologist Jun 05, 2015
meeee tooo . why does this stupid language barrier hinders us to express our thoughts and feeling . I feel depressed about that.
Tionne14 Tionne14 Apr 13, 2015
Hey I'm just curious, since you've started this book are you still gonna continue to write 1D stories on wattpad or.....
vg64002 vg64002 Apr 13, 2015
Are there any other books by you or other that are in text dialogue format?