04 | Luke Hemmings

04 | Luke Hemmings

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"Number four, you're up" Coach yelled to the bench. He whispered in my ear as I passed. "Do it for the girl, Hemmings"


Madison Sydney Carter: Cheerleader. 

Luke Robert Hemmings: Cherished captain of the football team. 

Unlike most schools these two groups don't mix, weird right? But that's how it is. It's the way it's always been since that one jock dumped the head cheerleader. This created rule number 36 of the Cedar High Panthers handbook, stating, 'Members of the Cedar High Panthers football team MUST NOT in anyway interact with the Cedar High cheerleaders. Failure of agreeing to this rule may result in being dropped from the team/squad'. 

So, secret friendships? Bound to happen. People finding out? Not on her list. His list? Unknown.

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Jubilee_1596 Jubilee_1596 Jul 19, 2017
Best one I've read in a long time and I only just started!! ^^ You've got great grammar and add in the commas when needed! So happy you understand English!!!!! XDD
twistyluke twistyluke Jan 15
i thought of the rudolph the red nosed reindeer song someone help me
KylieD_is_a_penguin KylieD_is_a_penguin Nov 23, 2016
I just checked, all the main character is named Maddison (Maddie)
Holly280603 Holly280603 Jun 12, 2016
I've just finished reading 'princess' so her name's really fücking me up like I keep thinking they're married
lizhemmingsthe2nd lizhemmingsthe2nd Dec 20, 2016
Harry as in Harry Styles & Boyle as in Susan Boyle 😂😂😂
iamlanai iamlanai Apr 15, 2015
Love love love!!! I really love how this is different bc they have to pretend to hate each other when they are best friends.