Since We Were Kids (Thomas Brodie-Sangster)

Since We Were Kids (Thomas Brodie-Sangster)

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Meet Hannah Owen, she has been the best friend to actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster since she was extremely young but when Hannah moved out they lost contact. Thomas made Hannah happy and Hannah made Thomas happy, when they grew apart the happiness was forgotten and lost.

They find each other again when Hannah is made to go to Louisiana to be with her Uncle who happens to be directing The Maze Runner based on the novel by James Dashner. Unknown to Hannah, Thomas is cast in this movie. 

When Hannah sees Thomas again the feelings that she has always felt for Thomas reappear. 

But does the lost happiness get found?

Does Thomas feel the same?

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Don't worry you won't have to look that hard to find her 😂
MistressMazeRunner MistressMazeRunner Nov 06, 2016
Apparently wes has magically ( probably Voldermortd doing) transformed into a women
MeowLikeAlanAshby MeowLikeAlanAshby Feb 28, 2016
If it's Kaya she's English not american because she has an English accent
I_write_k I_write_k Nov 28, 2016
You'll see Newt Thomas and character Thomas just don't read death cure
elstricpanda elstricpanda Feb 22, 2016
HAN?!?? Hahaha lmao where's Chewbacca?! Lol now I just picture her uncle like Han Solo
Abby_Smiles Abby_Smiles Feb 12
I'd wear it...but it would be better if the shirt was blue(for me at least, pink is great and all, just not my style) Cute though