Straight Into Darkness - Deserted Lands #2

Straight Into Darkness - Deserted Lands #2

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Robert L. Slater By robertlslater Updated Sep 21, 2015

If you have not read ALL IS SILENCE, this book will have spoilers. This is an EXCERPT from my second published novel, approximately the first third. The original uploads [several drafts from new] are still there. If you only want to read the nearly final draft, just read the chapters labeled [Final Beta] It is out now in ebook and print, those editions are a draft after the final beta. If you want a deal on buying the completed novel join the newsletter at for information on Giveaways, Sales, and other releases. Thanks, Rob

[PG-13 - Profanity, sexuality, and violence. This Realistic Apocalyptic YA novel is part of the Deserted Lands series. Find out more at]

What if safety felt like prison?

How does a girl who never had a place in the world before it ended, find her place in the new world?

Ninety-five percent of the people on the planet are dead. Lizzie is pregnant from an end of world one-night stand, and the situation is complicated. Her family, friends, the government of Provo, aka The City and one of the last outposts of civilization, all want to keep her safe.

And it's driving her nuts.

She should be staying safe inside the walls of The City, but she's got to get out. A dangerous mission is exactly what she needs right now.

I0Heart0HotCocoa I0Heart0HotCocoa Feb 16, 2016
PROBLEM (Very minor):
                              Glen chuckled. They've been bringing in food.
                              There is a " mark at the end of this paragraph and there doesn't seem to be a starting "... Tell me if this is actually a problem or if I am just reading it wrong :D
granjaguar96 granjaguar96 Dec 06, 2016
Good evening.   I do believe Victory Gardens needs to be capitalized as it is a proper name.   Awesome work so far.   Merry Christmas to you and your family.
granjaguar96 granjaguar96 Dec 06, 2016
Suggested correction, add the letter "a" between "the brains of 'a' really (or very) smart dog.
bmonti bmonti May 06, 2016
I knew these ppl would put piss me of no freedom, at least people dont tell u what u can an cant do
granjaguar96 granjaguar96 Dec 06, 2016
Another suggestion; remove the comma after "the next street over",  unneeded.
granjaguar96 granjaguar96 Dec 06, 2016
Another suggestion: rearrange as follows "It would have been so much easier if he had said that in the first place, but that was Glen, tech-support teacher-man."