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The Dreamer 19 By TheRomanticJellyFish Updated Oct 09, 2016

Fifteen year old Alice is upset when she finds out that her parents are going away for a whole month and she is being sent to live with her worst enemy.... sixteen year old John, who is in her class at school. She doesn't know that John actually has a major crush on her but is doing his best to hide it.
What is it like for Alice staying with her worst enemy and will John ever tell her how he really feels?

Written by: @TheRomanticJellyFish
Cover by:  @Curricane

This story is written by me Johanna (@TheRomanticJellyFish) and it is all my own work. It took me a long time to get these ideas and write it and edit, so please DO NOT take any of my story and publish it as your own. This is all rightfully mine and I would like it to be kept as that. No copying!

CatLover003 CatLover003 Apr 06, 2015
Thanks for the dedication:)
                              funny, the book im writing now, Home Sweet Home starts in a very similar way.  only, the girl wins the argument with mom in my book and the whole story takes a different turn. it'd be great if you could check it out and vote and comment:D