Stolen Teddy Bear [ Mafia Series]

Stolen Teddy Bear [ Mafia Series]

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Belle By Zelmirrah Updated Aug 26

What would you do if you saw an adorable cuddly brown teddy bear in an unlocked apartment in the hotel? 

Obviously, you wouldn't care about it. 

But here we are talking about the girl Sarah Levine who is obsessed with teddy bears. 

She stole it. 

And boy, was she dragged into a whole lot of mess, a world full of criminals just because of one stolen teddy bear.


tsuna_4ever tsuna_4ever Apr 07, 2016
I don't know why I find this line funny and unique very original, plus different
kinktress kinktress Jan 31, 2016
"She is greatly obsessed by teddy bears." - this is exactly me, no joke
LostInTheDarkOfNight LostInTheDarkOfNight Jun 25, 2016
Hey! I would have gone to get it too.. & There's nothing wrong about it.. * huff *
Uknowwho1313 Uknowwho1313 Aug 12, 2016
Exactly. Sometimes you want to drop them, but then realize you've invested to much. Too much blood, sweat and tears. Might as well keep 'em. They tend to be pretty funny, too. 😋
SunShineEveryWhere SunShineEveryWhere Jun 30, 2016
imaginationland filled with many beautiful unicorns. They were so pretty I stole one.
chevypage59 chevypage59 Jul 12, 2016
Why did have his Key ? N did work hotel or did drop them ?  Not a clear explanation