The Alpha's Undying Love-[Werewolf Romance]

The Alpha's Undying Love-[Werewolf Romance]

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Sara May Laurine By Lovesoreel Updated Jun 26, 2013

Sequel to "The Alpha's Dirty Little Secret" <----[READ THAT BOOK FIRST!]

It's only been a month in a half since the Masquerade Ball and things have changed. First off, Teagan and Luke are now public mates, happy and content. Ty hasn't been seen since the Masquerade Ball and is suddenly back, more determined that ever to get Teagan to be his, but Ty accidentally reveals many dark secrets from Teagan's father's past. The only thing..or person, that hasn't changed is Carrie. But this time, she has a sidekick..Alex. Since Alex gave up his Alpha position, Luke is next in line. But since Carrie is only interested in being Alpha female, Alex wants to become Alpha..But Lucas isn't going to give it up. Now it's brother against brother in this fight for dominance..So who will be the bigger man...or wolf?

With so many people against them and their reputations on the line, can Teagan and Luke's relationship survive? Will Ty get his wish of their misfortune or does love really conquer all? Can Luke keep his Alpha position and keep away from Carrie's clutches? Also, what secrets has Teagan been hiding?

This is what happens when you are the Alpha's Undying Love..