Cliffhanger Castle

Cliffhanger Castle

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Maaja Wentz By MaajaWentz Updated Jul 28, 2017

She used to bully him but now he needs her help.... When his little sister follows their dog into a haunted hotel, Austen must team up with gorgeous-but-aggressive Tiffany to rescue them. Will they all get out alive? 

Do you love twists, surprises and cliffhanger endings? This thrilling suspense story is an anthology of chapters contributed by prize-winning writers . Inspired by a real place, you can browse through linked media about the abandoned hotel, artist's colony, ruins, gardens, lakeside cliffs, and ghost sightings that inspire the tale. Guaranteed to give you shivers.

Authors will showcase their styles as they put Austen and Tiffany into creepy conundrums and death-defying scrapes. Add it to your library to get updates about this unique serial anthology.

Please contact me about writing the next chapter of Cliffhanger Castle. All styles welcome if you write entertaining, grammatically clear prose. No beginners please. Pitch me your idea for the next mysterious chapter. I am scheduling a roster of excellent writers to create a page-turning story for our readers.

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JoanneWeaver JoanneWeaver Feb 06, 2016
Is it update day? Please say yes, please say yes :D I can't wait to see how Michelle carries on from David's amazing chapter last week.
MaajaWentz MaajaWentz Apr 16, 2016
Hooray! I just posted a new chapter. You can't kill a good horror story. It  just keeps coming back from the dead....
JoanneWeaver JoanneWeaver Jan 27, 2016
Maaja,  Denise (ghostwriter_63) is missing from the contributors list...
JoanneWeaver JoanneWeaver May 03, 2015
Your idea is genius, Maaja. And the title and cover are awesome. I'll send you my email address.
julietlyons julietlyons Apr 14, 2015
You're welcome on the vote, sorry taken so long to reply... Can't wait to see what this is all about :D
CJLaurence CJLaurence Apr 06, 2015
@MaajaWentz  sure will do!! I know what you mean about keeping stuff quiet lol I'm exactly the same!