The Contest (Lauren/You)

The Contest (Lauren/You)

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Surprise, surprise Harmonizers!

We think you all know the Fifth Harmony girls are busy rehearsing for the #ReflectionTour, right? Since the tour is kicking off this Friday the girls thought they should do something special.

That something special is called The Reflection Contest!

A lot of you always say you would want to spend some time with the girls and they thought they should change things up a bit and give you that opportunity.

It’s quite easy to enter. You can find a link down below where you’re able to answer all kinds of questions, for example where you’ve heard of Fifth Harmony or what the girls mean to you.

The people with the most honest answers, which stand out to us, win a week with the girls, including seeing them live in action during the #ReflectionTour! Be sure to enter just once.

Are you still waiting to meet your idols? Then give it a go and good luck!


Well, I don't think you dress edgy enough. Who's opinion matters more?
TWENTY MINUTES?!! Standard Detention time at my school is at least an hour
- - Apr 11
Plus their outfits slay my existence and everyone elses bring that muscular a$$ jawline with you. dismissed!
I don't have a dial lock either. I use a padlock and key cause dial locks take too much work
- - Apr 11
Hold me back, cuz Ima show this bïtch which century we in! What about men stripping down to their boxers? This bïtch would be like men are men, well bítch women are women and they do, and wear what ever the fûck they want. She better keep walking or Ima shove a stick up her a$$
I got my phone taken away in class one time for TURNING IT OFF. It went off during class and my teacher said "Whoever's phone that was, turn it off." And I was holding down the button and my phone lit back up with the AT&T symbol and she took it away...