Two Worlds Apart (Editing)

Two Worlds Apart (Editing)

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Chryssie E By MsChryssieE Completed

An unlikely friendship turned into something more when two paths are crossed. Both from different world's trying to cope with the reality of their lives and make things work.

Copyright © 2016 by Chrystal-Ann Eversley.

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xxkravechoc xxkravechoc Nov 06
She is normal and not someone girls thing they have to eat healthy and work their body to be skinny or thick and do much more necessary things she is just someone that you might at in a everyday life
sincerelyessence_ sincerelyessence_ Dec 05, 2016
I remember looking at my moms doctor like he was crazy because he said my sister's ugly little twin...😂 I didn't know that's what he was talking about.
CarlosJunior03 CarlosJunior03 Sep 03, 2016
I just Love you as a writer, this is my 5 book. I know you won't let down within this storyline. Thanks for the entertainment
Kynna123 Kynna123 Sep 27, 2016
Daaaammmmnnn the girl look smart AND Bad as hell wit dem glasses - no homo-
AntoinetteZ_ AntoinetteZ_ Oct 12, 2016
This is the first book I ever read that acknowledged the placenta
back2africa back2africa Apr 19, 2016
Did he really name his dick MR CLASSY cause its not the first I've heard someone mention this in a book.