All That's Left

All That's Left

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thenighttimelife By thenighttimelife Updated Aug 18, 2015

Sixth Harmony was the biggest girl group in the world. They had it all. Fame, money, power, you name it. They were on top, until that one fateful day...

As member, Kristen Castrada, was driving to pick up her daughter from daycare, she was tragically killed by a drunk driver who crashed into her.

In her will, Kristen left her daughter, Hayley, to be under the care of fellow band mates. 

There's just one problem...

The five remaining members all hate Hayley with a passion.

So just how does this relationship work exactly? Read to find out.

I Get It . It Was Hard For Them Because They Knew Hayley's Mother For So Long It Changed Their Personality's Because It Hurted Them So Much , So They Blamed It All On Hayley Cause Her Mother Was Coming To Pick Her Up From Daycare . It's So Oblivious Well Oblivious To Me Probably
Do you hear that? That's the sound of my heart breaking. </3
                              This is so sad.  Why does 5H have to be such sluts? </3
Aka_Darkness10 Aka_Darkness10 Nov 27, 2015
That was a heartbreaking bittersweet moment in such simple version of describe it to words...T^T
AmazingFirePizza AmazingFirePizza Aug 04, 2015
.... They would never act like this towards me or I would sooo whoop their asses
parababai parababai Jul 28, 2015
i loved the story from the first word. but the girls r so mean
Amaro-BB Amaro-BB May 20, 2015
I don't know what is life anymore, The girls being mean whit a kid? It's to much for my Brian and gurl Ally it's so freaking happy and sweet and and and I CANT DEAL WITH THIS!