Sex Academy | ✔️

Sex Academy | ✔️

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Candy Is just a girl who didn't know what she was in for when she signed up for the number one school in her area. She especially didn't think 8 guys and counting would fight for her all at the same time. But she has a deep dark secret that she held in for a long time will it make or break her?

Book Series 1

Written By ~Ree~


hannahahah hannahahah Sep 02, 2016
That's higher than that time I decided to go to that lit party after church and someone gave me a bag if oregano
Matthews2010 Matthews2010 Apr 03, 2016
No building is that high, check your facts before you write. If you can't even write about the height of a building properly then I doubt the correctness of the apparent  main theme  of this story.
Bri_Baby_127 Bri_Baby_127 Jul 07, 2016
Just pretend she said 30 or 50...or 350 because after all it's just a story