I'm His Pet z.h

I'm His Pet z.h

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Carter Simmons By ZIALLISLIFEE Completed

[ziall; completed]

Hi, I'm Niall Horan.

I'm an ordinary kid, but I don't have such a normal life. You see, I don't have any parents... It's complicated really.

I stay with Zayn, he's 21 and I'm 16. I go to school, and he works at home.

Early last year, I found myself slowly becoming sexually active. And Zayn? Well he already had his eyes on me.

So one day we got together, and we started to mess around. Now I'm here, living with Zayn, and in a relationship. But not any ordinary relationship. No, it's a strange one.

You see, we're in a pet/owner relationship.

I'm his pet, and he's my owner.

[Received an Honourable Mention in 2015 Holiday awards]

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[Arabic translation available]

My old friend introduced me to smut in freshman year with after kms and I'm now graduated and 18
iWumbo4ever iWumbo4ever Jun 21
I hope a girl woofed at him becuz that would make her a bitch
3rd time its like wverytime i stumble to this book again o decide to read it again and praying to god to have the sequel
Oh my god everyone's like "oh I'm 13 but Imma read this anyway" BRUV run with your innocence while you still have it
481812A 481812A Jul 06
I'm 14 that's close to 15 which is close to 16😀😄☺️☺️
fluffyloueh fluffyloueh Jul 20
There's no one what has a collar at my school that i know of