I'm His Pet z.h

I'm His Pet z.h

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[ziall; completed]

Hi, I'm Niall Horan.

I'm an ordinary kid, but I don't have such a normal life. You see, I don't have any parents... It's complicated really.

I stay with Zayn, he's 21 and I'm 16. I go to school, and he works at home.

Early last year, I found myself slowly becoming sexually active. And Zayn? Well he already had his eyes on me.

So one day we got together, and we started to mess around. Now I'm here, living with Zayn, and in a relationship. But not any ordinary relationship. No, it's a strange one.

You see, we're in a pet/owner relationship.

I'm his pet, and he's my owner.

[Received an Honourable Mention in 2015 Holiday awards]

[Portuguese translation available]

[Arabic translation available]

I've read this when i was 15 and am 16 now and am reading it again
BesteLale BesteLale May 21
I expected he would say "you can take off your collar while you're at school so nobody'd beat you" but well...
notperfect556 notperfect556 Dec 08, 2016
It won't let me play it.....can I get the YouTube video name or something
GeroZxZ GeroZxZ Dec 27, 2016
                              NOOOO I CANT TELEPORT INTO THE BOOK!!!!!
GraceWhoran GraceWhoran Jan 01
Why don't you lay down while I make you regret everything you did whilst existing amongst my Queen, Niall
_itssjustme_ _itssjustme_ Dec 31, 2016
Hold on to your bits and bobs lady's and gentlemen shits about to go down