The Silenced Girl. ▲z.m. au▲

The Silenced Girl. ▲z.m. au▲

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VintageRoyalty By VintageRoyalty Updated Jul 30, 2015

"You may not speak now but I guarantee you that you'll be speaking at least seven different kinds of languages once I'm finished with you, Julia..." He whispered against my skin, his teeth sinking into my flesh as he sucked on it harshly and branded it with a purple mark. His hand ran up against my inner thigh, his fingers dancing dangerously close to my center and I felt my mouth open and close for a good minute, not exactly sure of what to do before I finally gained control of myself and pushed him away, my eyes wide and my breath heavy.

"I can't wait when you're under my spell, darling. I've fucked models, fashion designers, singers and all sorts of girls in between... but I've never been in between the legs of somebody like you," He said lowly, that daring smirk playing on his lips. I blinked, surprise crossing my face as I took in his words slowly.

He stood up, shoving his hands into the pockets of the expensive slacks that adorned his lower half and, with nothing more than a wink, he left me alone wondering how exactly did I get myself into this situation.

rare_unicorn rare_unicorn Apr 22, 2015
Yeh the old one is more interesting please update on the old one
2_cute_4u 2_cute_4u Apr 07, 2015
I'm really confused are u continuing the first book or not because the first half wasn't au
xaras-phrontistery xaras-phrontistery Apr 07, 2015
The story suddenly went from foetus 1D to a whole 'nother level. Doesn't mean I, and others won't like it..