Moonlight's bane      [reverse harem]

Moonlight's bane [reverse harem]

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Yuna By shirakami-chan Updated Jul 15, 2017

I've always liked this one story. A story about a princess isolated in a tower and unable to get out, perhaps it was because it resembled my life so much. Except, I'm still waiting for my prince. 

"Yuuko," someone said from behind me , slowly turning I dipped into a curtsy. 

"Hello, Father." My Father, King of Tenko. 

"Today is your birthday, you may have a walk on the castle grounds." 

I am isolated.

"Thank you, father," I looked down sadly. 

Please God, if you're there... Let me out of this cage.

A maid instantly came to my aid, and guards surrounded me the instant I stepped out. It's not better than being inside. 

"Will you go away, please?" 

"No, we're sorry Princess Yuuko but this is your fathers orders." 

I dont want to live my life like this.

Sighing sorrowfully, I countinued my journey around the castle. It wasn't always like this. It wasnt like this until my mother was assasinated. 

The memory replayed in my head: "Mom? M...m... MOM!!!!" I screeched, seeing my blee...

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PotterheadAngel PotterheadAngel 4 days ago
Well sorry to break it to you, but they're never gonna come.