Love can Happen (A Dramione fanfic)

Love can Happen (A Dramione fanfic)

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The Wizarding War has finished and 7th year Hogwarts students are being called again to continue their education. 
Hermione Granger has been called to continue her final year at Hogwarts wherein she's the new Head Girl, while the new Head boy is none other than Draco Malfoy.
While being in the same common room together, they realized that they have feelings for each other. Will there new found feelings be accepted by all? or they will be outcasts in the Wizarding world?

All the characters in this story are all owned by the wonderful J. K. Rowling and not mine.

  • boundaries
  • danger
  • draco
  • dramione
  • friendship
  • hermione
  • love
RehmaAhmed RehmaAhmed Oct 14, 2017
i kept expecting Fred to pipe in.. but then i remembered..*still in denial i guess*
This is just my opinion, so don't change it if you don't want to but I think it should be: "She took the letter and started reading it. It said:"
gaillmar gaillmar Jun 10
Just a small snippet...Your Head Girl Badge is INCLUDED along with....
                              This is a word that I tend to leave out myself.
vaccbi09 vaccbi09 Mar 14
Ok..looking for something different than the same old story in fan fiction
It should be “on September first”  or “in September”
TheDorkyWriters TheDorkyWriters Oct 27, 2016
Is anyone else experiencing crazy crap codes or is it just me? Maybe my phone really is a piece of crap. Idek, I restarted it and everything. I still have codes.... Wth